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by TMA DFW Web Master

Dec 29, 2009

(Texas [Dallas/Ft. Worth])

To our TMA Chapter Members/Non-Members:December 2009---To: Real Estate Industry Professionals 

The attached update PDF describes a unique new initiative ----theCertificate in Property Repositioning + Turnaround Strategies offered by UT Arlington. The first such Certificate at the University level, applications are open for this 2010 spring semester, under thedirection of Professor Michael Buckley, formerly Director of Columbia’s MSc in Real Estate Program. 

The UTA Certificate is a timely response to the credit crisis by recognizing that before economic conditions can rebound to generate new real estate development, inventory of distressed properties must be recapitalized, returned to profitability, and absorbed . 

UTA’s Certificate program provides insights, knowledge and skills to help resolve current property challenges while improving chances for employment.  With four Core Courses, additional Industry Round tables,and Case Study Studios taught by recognized experts, at approximately $4,500 for the one-day-per-week, the one semester Certificate is a spectacular educational value --- and tuition can be paid over time. 

For many in development and related fields, this Certificate program focuses on new skill sets and changing professional roles.  Ideal for developers, brokers, lawyers, financial analysts, architects and project managers who can combine prior experience together with new skills acquired in the Certificate program. 

We believe the acquired skills and perspectives from UTA’s Certificatecan lead to new employment opportunities within  Financial Institutions and Private Equity firms on Workout Teams, as well as Due Diligence assignments, Investor Portfolio reviews, and Property Re-positioning initiatives. 

UTA has acted quickly to respond to rapidly changing economic conditions. We are now aggressively communicating this educational opportunity to the widest possible audience.  If you have received this material already, we trust you will understand and forgive the duplication---as we  are asking for assistance in distributing this information to your colleagues, or to other members of your organization who may benefit from this unique training. 

Please Open the PDF attached, and explore our UTA website, www.uta.edu/architecture/realestate


Enrollment is open now thru mid January 2010.To Register Online,interested candidates can apply through the UTArlington GraduateSchool  ------- http://grad.uta.edu 

Michael P. Buckley

Clinical Professor & Director Certificate in Property Repositioning & Turnaround Strategies

University of Texas at Arlington


917 562 5081

TMA DFW Web Master

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