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2016 TMA Europe Annual Conference

Rome, Italy

2016 TMA Asia Pacific Conference

Sydney, NSW Australia

2016 TMA Europe Distressed Investing Conference

London, United Kingdom

The Annual: TMA's 28th Annual Conference

Orlando, FL United States

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Paying It Forward: A Smart Business Strategy

My first exposure to restructuring was as a boy growing up in a small town on the East Coast of Canada. My family had a number of businesses, but the cornerstone was a retail furniture chain located on an island in the Atlantic. The island was a 12-...

2016 Holds Opportunities for Resourceful Distressed Investors

Bradford J. Sandler
Challenges present opportunities, and there will be many challenges in 2016 providing for creative distressed investment opportunities. The challenges range from rising interest rates and lower commodity prices to geopolitical risks and a global...

Critical Considerations for Assessing, Integrating Distressed Companies

David MacGreevey
Eric Koza, CFA,
Investing in distressed assets can be a highly profitable modus operandi. However, whether distressed investors realize value can be predicated on a variety of factors, including transaction price, assessment of operations and achievability of the...

U.S. Energy Sector: Annus Horribilis, Part II

Bert Conly
Steven Simms
Everyone knew that 2015 would be a daunting year for the North American energy sector, but it arguably surpassed even the worst of expectations and closed out the year at the nadir of a tumultuous and largely unanticipated downturn. Informed...